What Should I Do After An Arrest in Redwood City?

Get Competent Legal Counsel Following Your Arrest

If you have been arrested for a crime in Redwood City or the surrounding area, it is very important that you are aware of your rights and options. The steps you take at this time can directly affect the outcome of your case and what happens to you, so you must be very careful.

You can take action that makes the difference between a devastating legal battle and a conviction or being released and having your charges dropped. Our Redwood City criminal defense attorney at The Law Offices of Robert G. Cummings can help advise you and prepare you for each step of the case.

If you have been arrested, you should not wait to contact a legal counsel at once.

Immediate Actions After An Arrest

When you are being arrested, you should not lie or give false information to a member of law enforcement. Only provide the information which is necessary to identify you, such as your name and date of birth. You should not provide any other details which are not relevant to the arrest, as this information could lead to negative consequences down the line. It is also important to remember that law enforcement may not always be honest with you or provide you with accurate information.

Your Rights If You Are Arrested

It is important to know your rights and know how to exercise them.

After being arrested, there are a few things to remember:

  • You do not have to answer questions without a lawyer present.
  • You have the right to remain silent until you have a lawyer present.
  • You have the right to ask to speak with your lawyer.

In fact, it is essential that you speak with a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your situation before any further steps are taken. The sooner you have an attorney on your side, the better, as we can get to work building your defense strategy.

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